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Weymouth Harbour Website

Events and information on visiting yachts, plus all the information needed to berth in the port

Met Office – Marine

Maritime & Coastguard Agency

This Agency is responsible throughout the UK for implementing the Governments maritime safety policy. Safer Lives, Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Our volunteer crews are funded almost entirely by voluntary donations and we provide a 24-hour service around the coast of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

British Marine

British Marine is the membership organisation for the leisure, super yacht and small commercial marine industry. We lead and promote our industry and work with our members to achieve sustainable growth in a competitive global environment, through the provision of world-class goods and services.

Baltic Exchange The Baltic Exchange
At the heart of the global shipping industry, Baltic Exchange Members play a vital role in the transport of trade by sea.
Lloyd's Register Lloyds Register
Lloyd�s Register is an independent risk management organisation that helps clients achieve their business goals, while optimising safety and quality and preserving the environment.
SSA Shipbuilders SSA Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association
SSA is the only recognised UK Association for the purposes of involvement in the European Associates AWES
Maritime London Maritime London
Home to a vast array of companies which service the international Shipping community. London is unrivalled as the world’s largest and most important maritime centre.
Society of Maritime Industries
The Society of Maritime Industries, a leading voice of the maritime industry, promotes and supports the domestic and export business of UK companies.
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers set the professional and educational standards for those in the business of moving these goods around the world.
The Marine Society The Marine Society
Dedicated to supporting the education and training seafarers.
Merchant Navy Training Board Merchant Navy Training Board
The MNTB provides information on careers, qualifications, training opportunities, training provision and skill needs and issues in the British shipping industry (often known as the Merchant Navy).
Port Skills and Safety Ltd Port Skills and Safety Ltd
Port Skills and Safety Ltd is the port industry�s own organisation for skills and safety and is the national link between the industry�s skills needs and for those looking for employment and career opportunities within the industry.
National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum � the largest and most important museum of its kind in the world � is housed among the historic buildings of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage
Seafish Industry Authority The Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish)
From fisherman to fish frier, the UK seafood industry provides a huge number of training and career opportunities for all ages and abilities and at every stage in the chain.
The Young Maritime Professional Network IMAREST
The Young Marine Professional Network is a free network for young members with services that include professional membership advice, networking, careers guidance, a recruitment website, professional journals and books, marine information service, conferences and events
Enginuty ECIS
ECIS was established in 1976 and is now a function of SEMTA the Sector Skills Council for Science Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies. It provides information and advice on all types and levels of a career in engineering technology. This service is mainly directed to persons under 25 and those who advise them.
The Society for Underwater Technology SUT
The Society for underwater technology is an international learned Society covering all aspects of engineering, science and technology that is relevant to the underwater world, from the heavy engineering of the oil and gas sector to marine archaeology and biology.
The Conway Merchant Navy Trust The Conway Merchant Navy Trust
Conway � a registered charity � dates back to 1859 and over the years many thousands were trained and educated and then qualified as Merchant Navy Officers.
Trinity House Corporation of Trnity House
Trinity House is a unique maritime organisation dedicated to the safety of shipping and to the welfare of seafarers and their dependents.
Numast Numast
Numast is the trade union for more than 19,000 Merchant Navy shipmasters, officers, cadets, marine pilots, harbour masters and other maritime
National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers
The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Works (RMT) represents seafaring ratings employed on all types of merchant vessels.
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Services Royal Fleet Auxiliary Services
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a fleet of up to 22 ships, staffed by civilians whose main role is to supply the Royal Navy at sea with the food, fuel, ammunition and spares needed to maintain operations.
The SSTG is a marine training company providing a range of services to ship owners and operators. It is directly controlled on a mutual basis by those Companies using its services
The Chamber of Shipping The Chamber of Shipping
The Chamber of Shipping is the trade association for British shipowners and shipmanagers. We work to promote and protect the interests of our members both nationally and internationally.
King George's Fund for Sailors King George’s Fund for Sailors
King George�s Fund for Sailors, the UK�s premier maritime charity supporting seafarers from the Royal and Merchant Navies and the Fishing Fleets.