Apollo Marine & Composites Technology’s Repair shop are experts in both traditional wooden repair and modern high-tech carbon work we have expertise and equipment to carry out first class repairs, covering all aspects of GRP, wood, carbon spars, and foils repairs.

Anything from a small chip on an Optimist to a full repair and repaint of a Volvo 70.

We pride ourselves in providing unrivalled quality of work and service. Dedicating ourselves to producing the highest quality workmanship and performance. Our factory premises are continually being adapted to optimise production systems.

Tooling & Mould Manufacturing
Boat Building
New and custom Foils
Full Hull and deck refurbishment
Specialist coatings applicator
Race Preparation
Foil & Keel Work
Traditional wood repairs
Running & Standing Rigging
Vinyl Graphics
Repair Services Include
Major Composite Repairs
Gelcoat Repairs
Full hull and deck fairing and painting using the highest quality materials
Rudder and centerboard/daggerboard fairing and alignment
Full keel fairing
Anti-fouling – race boat finish or cruising
Carbon mast/spar repairs and repaints
Full fit out and rigging
General refurbishment and valeting

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