We at Durlston Marine Project are always looking for help!
You can become a member of the “Dolphin Watch Team” , adopt a dolphin, or local bussiness’ can become “Corporate Adopters”.
Please browse the website to help you decide if you would like to be involved.

The most striking feature of the area is its diversity. Shores face north, east and south: boulder strewn beaches, sand dunes, and towering limestone cliffs give way, beneath the waves, to sandy meadows and rocky reefs.
The dramatic array of landscapes and seascapes support a multiplicity of wildlife and a plethora of human activities.
Visit the Durlston Country Park Website – a special area of land owned and managed by Dorset County Council.”

Durlston Marine Project would like to thank Divercol Productions for stunning photogarphs they have provided for this website. You can visit their website at www.divercol.co.uk

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