Based on Portland, ProTeez is an independent maritime security and safety consultancy with deep experience in Coastal Security and its associated Safety. ProTeez works globally advising on Waterspace Management issues and other UNCLOS related management matters. ProTeez also works closely with associates in the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

• ProTeez organises: Live Programmes based around the south coast of England to showcase or trial equipment; or Live Exercises to improve operational efficiency. These are run both ashore and afloat. ProTeez can provide commensurately qualified personnel such as Coxswains, Crew and Commercial Divers and equipment such as appropriately coded Vessels, Helicopters and UAVs, Surveillance, supporting communications and C2.

• Proteez designs and supplies Table Top Tactical Demonstrators for use in the classroom, exhibitions and workshops for tactical discussions. These come with Boards on which to run a Scenario, Pop-Up Stands showing Issues to be countered and Models of vessels and port facilities to enhance the Scenario and we can write bespoke Scripts for enactment by the client or by ProTeez.

• We advise on specialised equipment such as: AIS B; Maritime Intelligence Data Mining Tool; Gyro Stabilised and Thermal Imaging Cameras; and EEZ Patrol and Interdiction Vessels.

• We have also provided advice to Governments appertaining to Asset Protection (including Fisheries Protection & Management); Anti Piracy Operations; and Safety of Navigation. We conduct lectures at the Royal Navy’s Warfare School on EEZ Management and its Protection and are a Council Member of the United Kingdom’s EEZ Industry Group.

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