Why & How to Join


We are a focused Marine directory enjoying visitors locally, nationally

and all over the world – how is this – well by far the largest Search Engine

(Search Facility) is currently Google, like it or not that’s a fact, so by using Googles

core principals of search our directory is built and constantly visited by Googles

Crawlers updating information.

How we present this in the back end of the directory (the information they see but

you don’t) is based on our 12 years so far of working with them.

All marine related businesses serving Weymouth, Portland and surrounding areas are eligible.

How to Join

Please follow the link below Create Listing, this will give you the Pricing options choose yours by “dotting the box”  and click Next

This will open into an area with boxes some compulsory others your choice to formulate your listing – to assist there are various help tips to open these click the “?”

The one in particular to rigidly follow is the Location for your address, this uses GeoLocation

To activate GeoLocation finder the address needs to be on one line comma separated (no gaps after comma and start of next character) as :Unit 15 Lyndale Rd,Weymouth,Dorset,DT4 9AY

Create Listing for pricing information

We will contact you to confirm your listing, and all listings are subject to approval.

If you are already listed click the “Claim Listing” link this will take you to the Pricing Options page, choose your option and click next -which takes you to the your main information page where you can see, correct and add to your listing – make sure you “click”  the I am not a robot